Lynn Hilary
Mairead Carlin & Susan at Radio City Music Hall
The Palace Theatre, Albany
Susan, Lynn, Mairead Carlin & Mairead
Lynn Hilary
Happy Easter From Celtic Woman
Mairead Carlin, Mairead & Susan
Susan, Lynn, Mairead & Mairead Carlin
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Susan, Mairead, Lynn & Mairead Carlin
Mairead, Lynn, Mairead Carlin & Susan
Lisa & Lynn
Lisa Lambe
Mairead, Mairead Carlin, Susan and Lisa
Today Show with Kathie Lee
Mairead, Susan, Mairead Carlin & Lisa
Rehearsals For Emerald Tour
Mairead Carlin, Susan & Lisa
Lisa, Susan, Mairead Carlin & Mairead
Chloe, Susan, Lisa & Mairead
Susan, Lisa Lambe, Chloe & Mairead